420 Million EGOD tokens minted.


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EGOD is purely a speculative asset.

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About EGOD

EGOD (doge backwards) is a token without utility, no, it has but one purpose, and that is to defeat the all mighty DOGE in an epic BATTLE OF THE MEMES.

EGOD minted 420m tokens on 4/20 at 4:20pm, its contract (0x420...) was deployed with 420 GWEI and it was mined on a block ending in 69.

At EGOD, we believe that people do not want complex extra non-sense features added to their cryptocurrencies, they just want memes. Memes power the whole world. Memes power the markets. It's all memes. Everything. Memes. This is why EGOD will defeat DOGE. DOGE just doesn't have the memes we have.

EGOD is a counter-culture crypto, proudly mocking the current state of crypto. Doge has no utility and does nothing and is worth tens of billions (more than most companies on Earth). Egod aims to beat Doge with nothing more than memes.

EGOD shamelessly declares itself as what we all know deep down Doge really is. Just a meme. Zero purpose. Except we don’t try to hide it. EGOD is somewhat a commentary art piece, mocking the current state of crypto, while becoming said state, unironically.

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ERC20; Address: 0x420af3b6495cde8873c0e74a87f77a434d71e0f2

Battle of the Memes

Token Address: 0x420af3b6495cde8873c0e74a87f77a434d71e0f2

Token Symbol: EGOD

Token Precision: 18


What is EGOD? Should I invest in EGOD?

EGOD is a purely speculative asset. It does not have a utility. EGOD was created to compete with DOGE in a “Battle of the Memes”.

We urge trading EGOD for entertainment purposes only. If you wish to support the “battle” effort then stock up on EGOD, but we do not recommend using a speculative meme token as a serious investment vehicle.

Cryptocurrency is an extremely volatile and speculative asset class and we do not recommend placing any funds in any cryptocurrency or crypto-based token, including EGOD or DOGE, beyond that which you are willing to forfeit entirely to the volatility and unpredictability of the markets. We are not liable for any losses incurred, please trade EGOD and DOGE for entertainment purposes only. 

Where does Egod exchange?

  •    Speculative asset
  •    Does NOT have utility
  •    Created to compete with Doge
  •    Be responsible with your Cryptocurrency
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What does the EGOD Foundation plan to do with the 420m minted EGOD tokens?

We have transparently disclosed all of this information which can be found on the following page: EGOD Foundation Supply Distribution and Liquidation Schedule

Our plan for the 420 Millions Tokens.

How can I buy EGOD tokens?

EGOD can be easily purchased via Decentralized Exchanges such as Uniswap. To purchase EGOD follow the steps found here

Buying EGOD Tokens.

  •    EGOD on Uniswap
  •    Egod Supply & Distribution Schedule

Did the EGOD foundation contact me?

We most likely did not, we do have giveaway promotions we do on various social networks but contact will only occur through our official Social Media accounts which are, @EgodTheMoon on Instagram & @EgodTheMoon on Twitter.

We will NEVER ask you for any ‘private keys’, passwords, codes, pins, or anything else confidential in nature. We may privately ask you for your PUBLIC address (which is safe to share with third parties) so that we can send tokens to you in the event of a promotional campaign, again this would only be done via our official Social Media accounts.

We only contact via our official social accounts.