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Foundation Supply, Liquidation Schedule

When EGOD launched, 420m tokens were minted. 21m were released into the circulating supply via Uniswap, the remaining tokens, up until 4/25/21, have been slowly released into supply based on the distribution schedule found later on on this page. In an effort to increase transparency and further remove any control from the EGOD foundation regarding the price of EGOD tokens we are refining the schedule to be even more clear about how we will release tokens into supply.

Starting at 7pm EST on 4/25/21 we will only release tokens into supply when the following criteria are met:
1) The current price of EGOD tokens (in USD) is at an all time high since these terms were established (i.e. > $0.07)
2) The net-sum of positive-order ETH amounts and negative-sale ETH amounts, since criteria 1 was met, has exceeded 0.420 ETH in purchases [“Purchased Amount”]
3) The terms of the original distribution schedule (outlined later on on this page) have been met.

Once these two criteria are met, we will liquidate tokens matching 69% of said Purchased Amount (in ETH) based on the current spot price.
The release into circulation is to occur within 69 hours of these terms being met. If new transactions cause the terms to no longer be met the release will be cancelled.

We will not release tokens into circulation, via selling Tokens on Decentralized Exchanges, under any other circumstances.

Tokens may however be released into circulation in other means including but not limited to: providing liquidity to the liquidity pools of Decentralized exchanges, paying listing fees to get on more exchanges, promotional deals, giveaways, and influencer sponsorships.

The EGOD foundation to date has purchased back 118,125.23 tokens (0.3% of the circulating supply at the time), because we believed we had accidentally released excess tokens into supply by not following our internal liquidation schedule as strictly as possible, these errors were quickly corrected and resolved. The EGOD foundation will not, from this day on, buy back any additional tokens.

Note: Be advised that due to the nature of blockchain synchronization it is possible we activate a sell order in accordance with the terms above and after we have broadcast it our nodes detect new transactions that now move us out of the terms listed above, the sale shall still proceed. Additionally, due to the nature of computer bugs and or human error it is possible certain transactions go un-noticed by our system that would have put us within qualifying realm of these terms and/or managers become incapacitated. In such events, a liquidation may be unexpected, but all reasonable efforts will be made to remedy these events as soon as possible.

We have not removed any of our provided liquididty (Rug Pull), however we have taken out some of the interest accrued on liquidity fees, namely in the following transactions:


50% of the tokens minted are to be held by the EGOD foundation (payroll, dividends, etc). 


10% are reserved for promotional purposes (giveaways, meme contests, etc).


40% are reserved for marketing (influencer partnerships, referrals, etc). 

• Initially 5% of the total supply will be released via Decentralized Exchange(s) [DEX(s)]. So as to be transparent on how liquidation may affect price, we have established a protocol to which we will adhere for liquidating EGOD holdings. This “liquidation protocol” has been designed to prevent negative price impact on EGOD, all sell-offs will be done gradually upon the meeting of milestones.

• The initial 5% liquidity will be provided along with 0.5 ETH to a DEX to establish the initial exchange rate (0.000000024 ETH per 1.0 EGOD). After this, any time the market cap of EGOD increases 50%, the holders of original EGOD, from the 50% foundation pool, will be permitted to liquidate 0.667% of the total supply, these limitations will help stabilize the price of EGOD while also providing more EGOD into circulation so as to help ease token velocity. This liquidation can be in the form of direct sell, or the addition of liquidity to the ETH/EGOD pair on Uniswap This liquidation rate will hold for the first 30 liquidation tiers, after which point 0.83% of supply will be permitted to be liquidated every time market cap increases 10%.
• This same liquidation schedule will apply to the 40% pool reserved for marketing purposes, for example, any influencer partnerships will also see said influencers following the same liquidation schedule. 
Assets released via the promotional pool (10%) will not adhere to this liquidation schedule as we do not exert any contractual obligation to promotional recipients.

• In the event of low liquidity on a DEX we may inject a combination of ETH and EGOD (from the 50% foundation’s pool) into decentralized exchanges, to provide liquidity. Such an ‘emergency injection’ would not be subject to the liquidation schedule. 

• If required, to get listed on a centralized exchange, we may provide liquidity to the exchange, from any of the three pools, in-order to expand EGOD’s availability on other exchanges. This distribution would not be subject to the liquidation schedule. 

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